Our business mainly covers the planning, distribution and manufacture of silos and equipment for mills, feed mills and recycling. Through the many years engineering since 1960, we can look back on long  experience in the field of silo contruction.

With experience and professional know-how, we are leaders in the field of silo in the agricultural and food industries. With our silo system we offer you the tailored solution for you. Our silo system are rectangular steel silos as a dam and smooth wall silo in different versions.

Our silos are used for the storage and for handling the various cargoes in bulk, in particular however from the agriculture and food field. The ingma steel silo system it is the result of our much year ones activity and evolution on the special field. With our silo elements as single sheet dam walls or double sheet plain walls are carried out with the identical corner sections for both models. As a result, the advantage of application of different elements with each other. Cells and bunkers with angular outline in thecase of any cell heights are made out with the building sets. Dam wall cells become base to 3,20 m x 3,20 m, plain wall cells up to 4,00 m x 4,00  (system measure) carried out in lever rid construction, during cells with greater outline measurements preserved strengthening lever. The base is used in full by the angular construction. The dead weight of the silo elements is in relation to the educated cell room, in particular compared to the massif construction, small. As a result, a cost-saving carrying out is possible for the foundation. Shown also itself through it ein- and format options in existing buildings and on existing buildings. The cells constructed from the silo building sets are calculated and verified statically in accordance with DIN. They include loads from roof constructions and built winding engine houses, and such.

- Few dead weight
- High resilience
- Flexible construction regarding sectional
  and cell height (different cell heights
  within a block are possible).

The cells constructed from the silo building sets
model SB are calculated and verified statically in
accordance with DlN. They take winding engine
houses from roof constructions and built ones
from loads, and such on. The cell walls are
weather dense and need no additional cover if
this is not requested or required for other