TYP 100 DP dam wall elements

The ingma dike walls are carried out exclusively in the model 100 DP of 3 mm with a maximum thickness of plate. It gives the walls to dike wall, to 660 mm high with a dike and 1/1 of dike wall, to 1320 mm as 1/2 high with two dikes. Accordingly, the cell heights are variable in the raster of 660 mm. The wall sheet steels are bevelled under 60 degs of inclination to the horizontal and welded on the side together at the stems. That wellding occurred to preclude both ways through-goingly, around From 2 m of wall length, the walls receive strengthenings at the inside page for stabilization. The level wall combination occurs through overlapping the wall sheet steels and its screw joint or double overlapping as join connection.

The material kindness for wall sheet steels depends on the statical load. Wall mounting begins with proper being walls on the relief upper edge (they extend stems) bzw. with extra stem feet to those the first wall is set up. The stem feet are depending on the structural circumstances of relief and the desired one diagonal ones between upright wall and horn welt variously high (standard heights of 210 and 360 mm). In such a way, wall mounting begins, that rake angular that zueinanderliegenden offset stem joins are (system RF and SB). That is achieved when one begins with wall element heights of 1.320 mm e.g. in the building longitudinal axis and is achieved in the building cross axis of 660 mm with wall element heights For external walls, packing measures special in the case of the stem joins and wall overlapping are taken. Cell silos from dike walls they are suitable for all trickle capable products, as grain, case fruits, oil crops, coffee, cacao beans as well as granulates of every kind. But too for gritty raw components in mixed fodder industry as e.g., they are used.